Send Your Kids To Hacker Highschool

Guardians hoping to keep their teenagers challenged this year can enroll them in Hacker Highschool (HHS), which gives free online exercises to adolescents, the latest of which is the aftereffect of IBM’s organization with ISECOM and HHS. These exercises are intended to enable understudies to pick up hacking as a method for making sense of Read more about Send Your Kids To Hacker Highschool[…]

Tesla Sues Former Employee for Hacking

On Wednesday Tesla has sued an ex-employee accused of hacking its manufacturing operating system and stealing the information of the company. But that ex-employee is saying that the Tesla only targets him, the employee is also fighting back he is saying that Tesla is trying to bring problems at the company to light. Martin Tripp Read more about Tesla Sues Former Employee for Hacking[…]