Worse Wireless Security Myths Busted

Are you connected to the internet, whether wirelessly or via the Ethernet cable? But have you stopped thinking about the safety of your connection? Is someone noticing your activities on the Internet? There are lesser chances of it. It’s important to wonder about the safety of wireless connectivity. Getting access to a free Wi-Fi network Read more about Worse Wireless Security Myths Busted[…]

How to Update iPhone to iOS 12?

New Apple Watches and iPhones were not the best part of Apple’s September 2018 event. The arrival of iOS 12 for a number of iPads and iPhones is a big win for all the users. Consumers having old iPhones are going to experience a significant change. Apple has begun the seeding for the available devices. Read more about How to Update iPhone to iOS 12?[…]

Skills Needed to be an iOS Developer

If you want to start a career, accelerate a career, or change a career, you must have heard about the “The Skills Gap.” It is an inescapable topic of conversation in the modern hiring arena. The iPhone and iPad are the two most important parts of the technological hardware created in the last 20 years. Read more about Skills Needed to be an iOS Developer[…]

How to Boost WiFi Hotspot Security

1- Try taking your Hotspot with you. Public WiFi is excellent, but you could also carry your hotspot with you. Cellular modem hotspots may cost more but have their battery. 2- Always say yes to a Virtual Private Network. SSL is a secure option, but not all sites provide it. Many search engines and email Read more about How to Boost WiFi Hotspot Security[…]

What is Multi-Locale Feature and How to Use It?

The multi-locale is one of the eye-catching and aristocratic features that has been added to the recently released Android Nougat. What is the Multi-Locale Feature? This new feature allows its users to set multiple languages, select ‘Languages and Input’ click ‘Languages’ and start choosing which languages you want to see on the display of your Read more about What is Multi-Locale Feature and How to Use It?[…]