How to Accelerate your Old Slow iPhone

Apple is curtailing old iPhones to preserve the life of the battery. Follow the below-given tips for enhancing the productivity of your phone. Well, you have noticed it right, your old iPhone has indeed become slow. Apple itself has admitted that it is slowing down previous iPhones for preserving deteriorated battery capacities. Follow the below-given tips if noticed slow phone.

  1. Cut down on useless data

If an iPhone tends to function slower, then you can free up its load by eliminating apps that are no longer used. You can only transfer those important to you to iCloud. iOS 11 came up with a fantastic tool that can help you get the storage space.

Just go to Settings>General>Storage and iCloud Usage and choose Manage Storage beneath the Storage section. Users will be presented with a colourful chart showing you proper estimates about how much space you have. Under graph, you will find some recommendations regarding how to save the storage with recently discovered potential to offload those apps that are unused, authorize iCloud Photo Library, Automatic Delete of the previous conversation or assessing large attachments.

  1. Say YES to HEIF

iOS 11 comes up with file formats for videos and photos that come in small file sizes. HEIF format is used by photos and HEVC is used by videos. Mostly the videos and pictures are the largest resides of storage space. Just head over to Settings>Camera>Formats and select High Efficiency for using new formats.

If you have older iPhone and iPad, then you won’t see new Formats settings option.

3.Update your applications

Without an update, old apps will not run quickly on new iOS. Once you have updated your iPhone to iOS11, see if you have app updates waiting. Head over to App Store app, click on Updates and click Update All.

4.No Auto-updates

Along with the older versions, iOS11 used to run the processes in the background for making your day to day activities convenient. Apps are on auto-update in the background that protects you from several damages. There is no doubt that updating apps in background occupy your gadget’s CPU and battery. If you don’t want to see this feature, then you can update the applications naturally through the Application Store app.

  • Head over to Settings>iTunes and App Store.
  • Click the switch to turn the Updates off.

5.No background app refresh

Application refreshes their content in back. Just, for instance, your Instagram’s feed will auto update without your manual operation. Don’t forget that it occupies CPU cycles also. For turning it off, open Settings>General>Background App Refresh and turn the switch off.

  1. Whenever stricken by doubt, just reboot.

If every other measure fails, you always have the choice of restarting your gadget. You might be using your iPhone regularly for a long time without realizing. Take a break, power it off and start again. A reboot will prove to be really helpful.

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