How to Erase everything from your Android Devices?

The smartphones we use have become a very significant part of life. They keep a lot of private information and secrets of our personal experience which never want could reach to others.

Delicate financial details, business emails, information about contacts, and perhaps even a risqué photo. Surely these are not things you will ever want falling into the wrong hands. Performing a factory reset is always an excellent idea, but it might not still be enough.

Once upon a time, 20 Android smartphones had been bought by security firm Avast, from eBay and shockingly it was able to recover photos, contact details, Google searches and emails, text messages, etc. But you don’t need to fret because we are going to illustrate you how to wipe your Android phone correctly, to make sure that can never happen to you.

You probably not be knowing that if a tablet or mobile phone ever runs at 5.0 Lollipop or later it can have factory reset protection (FRP) activated or Android device protection and this quality makes the phone insufficient to be used by any new holders. If it has been reset, they can’t turn it on without entering a recently used Google account and password. Hence, you will have to deactivate FRP if you decide to vend the device or hand it over to another owner.

Before you begin:-

  • Keep in mind to remove the SIM card and any external storage such as a micro SD card.
  • Remember to back up all your data, as well as contacts.
  • Clear the data from these apps if you can and log out of services like Email and Social media.
  • The serial number of the tablet or mobile phone should be kept on file for your records. Execute different encryption and wipe of data on the micro SD card as well if you don’t wish to use the card in a new device.

Here we’ve got four easy steps for you:-

  • First, Go to Settings > Security or Lock Screen Security > Screen Lock and change the type to none the Turn Off any screen locks.
  • Go to Settings > Users and Accounts, tap your account and then remove your Google account from the device.
  • If you have a Samsung device, eliminate your Samsung account from the phone or tablet as well.
  • Now with a factory reset, you can wipe the device. However, this often only expunges data at the level of application, and other data text and chat messages can be restored with various standard data recovery tools.

You won’t require any extraordinary tools, just a bit more persistence than it takes to press the restore option within the settings simply.

Note: default may encrypt most devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or more excellent than 6.0 Marshmallow.

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