How to Retrieve Mail with Time Machine on MacOS

If you have deleted some critical data from your Mac system, then you don’t have to worry about it. There is a way to recover the lost data on your computer. The Time Machine in MacOS is an inbuilt service that helps to recover or retrieve the deleted emails in Mail application. The developer company, Apple, generally put charges to use their services, but the Time Machine is a service which is not chargeable.

Since the Mail app keeps the entire data in the Mail folder under the Library of Macintosh HD, you can refer the user account library. It will prevent you from restoring the backup of your system which may cause you to waste your time and lose the party applications. Let’s see the steps to recover lost mail in the MacOS system.

How to Recover Mails with Time Machine

  1. Click the Apple icon to open the menu from the top left.
  2. Select System Preferences from the menu.
  3. Now, move to Time Machine and click to open it.
  4. Click on the toggle button to Turn Machine On.
  5. Go to your Home Directory.
  6. Press the option key and choose Library from Go
  7. Open the Library folder and navigate the Mail folder.
  8. Double click the Mail folder.
  9. Find the folder starting with the letter “v” and click to open it.
  10. Check for the most recent modification date.
  11. Now, check the long hexadecimal string folders.
  12. You have to go through every long hexadecimal folder to find the one having the mailbox you want.
  13. Restore the file with the name of lost or damaged mailbox on the home screen.
  14. Close the Time Machine and open the Mail.
  15. Now, click File and select Import Mailboxes.
  16. Select Apple Mail and click Continue.
  17. Click the folder which you restored on the home screen.
  18. Click Choose option.
  19. The mailbox will get recovered at the bottom.

Once you are done with the process, you must organize the mailbox as it was before. You will find the recovered mailbox somewhere in the mailbox. This is how you can retrieve all the lost emails with the help of Time Machine in your Mac system.

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