How to Troubleshoot Black Screen Issue When Nintendo Switch is not turning On?

If the Nintendo switch is black and is not following the input, then there are chances of a frozen console with a black screen. To identify whether the console has frozen or not, look at the console in a dark room. If you see any sort of light coming from the screen, then you have a frozen console.

How is Nintendo handling the issue?

Nintendo is having screen issues. The company still doesn’t speak much about the issue. They haven’t even come up with an update to troubleshoot this issue. Nintendo has faced similar issues with its handheld comforts.

How to give it a Swift Fix?

Do not get upset on your dream of playing Donkey Kong or Zelda. This is a fixable issue. Although it is not 100% sure that this will troubleshoot your issue, but it is harmless to give it a try. You are not going to lose any data because of this, so let’s try this out:

  1. You need to figure out other homogenous problems. If you are facing a frozen black screen, then you need to take your Nintendo switch to someplace dark.
  2. Examine your Nintendo switch’s screen to check if there is any light coming out.
  3. It is good news if you can see the light because it is only a small problem of software.
  4. You only need to perform a gentle reset.
  5. Tap and hold the power button for a minimum of 12 seconds.
  6. It may take more than 12 seconds, so hold it till the light of the screen turns off.
  7. Once you are done with it, wait for a few more seconds.
  8. Hold the power button until it turns on.
  9. The Nintendo switch will start working appropriately now.

Hard Resetting without Deleting Data:

In the Nintendo switch, there is a maintenance mode that allows you to perform a hard reset. It won’t harm your data. Use the steps below:

  1. Press and hold the button for 15 seconds and turn off the console.
  2. Boot up the console in maintenance mode by holding down volume up and volume down with the power button.
  3. Without deleting save data, choose the initialize console.
  4. Now follow instructions on the screen.
  5. Now your switch should turn on appropriately.

Another Fix:

This fix is regarding the changing area of the Nintendo switch. It can happen that your switch is out of the charging and this is the reason it is not turning on.

  1. Undock the console.
  2. Attach Joy-Con controllers.
  3. Take the AC adapter out from both the ends.
  4. Leave it in a similar position for 30 seconds.
  5. Now join it to console.
  6. See what show on screen is.
  7. If the entrance screen displays then allow the console to charge.
  8. Once it is charged, it will start to work.
  9. If you are still facing blank screen issue, then test console in tv mode.
  10. If the display on the TV is correct, then there is an issue with hardware.
  11. There can be a problem of the adapter if the screen is blank on TV.
  12. Try different adapter to make it work.

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