How to Update iPhone to iOS 12?

New Apple Watches and iPhones were not the best part of Apple’s September 2018 event. The arrival of iOS 12 for a number of iPads and iPhones is a big win for all the users. Consumers having old iPhones are going to experience a significant change. Apple has begun the seeding for the available devices. You don’t have any need to pony up for one of Apple’s new iPhones- the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XS- to get Apple’s latest mobile operating system. iOS 12 is going to make your iPad and the iPhone faster and more secure. It will also make it less buggy while adding a new feature.

  • Can your phone run iOS 12?

Here is good news. Every device that can run iOS 11 will be able to run iOS 12. iOS12 is compatible with all the series of iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The compatibility list this year is broader compared to iPhone 6s, 6th generation iPod touch and iPad mini 2. It is also going to bring improved battery life and speed improvement to the developing device.

  • What is upcoming?

iOS 12 brings improvement in performance and new exciting features to iPad and iPhone. The photos introduce new features to help you share the photos in your library Memoji and rediscover them. Siri shortcuts will deliver a faster way to get things done. New privacy features will assist in protecting you from being tracked on the web.

  • What to do first?

Yes, back it up. The first thing you all will want to do is to back up your iOS device through an iTunes and iCloud backup. Either of the ways is simple. The crowd is especially a fan of iCloud backups as it happens automatically when it is connected to WiFi, even once a day. The question of storage is always unsettled. Don’t forget to make sure that you have enough space for backup. Just plug your iPad and iPhone into the computer and select backup this device when it appears.

  • First method- Over the air update

If you have a WiFi network, you can upgrade to iOS 12 right from your device. You don’t have any need for a computer or the iTunes. Connect your device to the charger and go to Settings>General> Software Update. iOS automatically will check for an update and then induce you to download and install iOS12.

  • The second method- update via the iTunes

If you are near your computer with the iTunes, it will be faster to upgrade. It is faster to update via iTunes than over the air. Make sure that you have the updated version of iTunes by opening the Mac App Store. Click on the update to see if an iTunes update is listed.

With the updated iTunes, connect to the iOS device. Click the iPad and iPhone in the top left corner of iTunes. Next to the drop-down menu for various sections of the iTunes library. Now click on Check for Update>Download and Update. Follow theses induces, accept the terms and let iTunes do the remaining job of updating your iPad and iPhone.

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