Skills Needed to be an iOS Developer

If you want to start a career, accelerate a career, or change a career, you must have heard about the “The Skills Gap.” It is an inescapable topic of conversation in the modern hiring arena.

The iPhone and iPad are the two most important parts of the technological hardware created in the last 20 years. Both of them rely on iOS to serve as their operating system. This is the reason; iOS developers are in such high demand. Any company that wants to reach millions of customers that love and use Apple mobile products needs to have iOS experts in their workforce and they are always in search of them.  Skills that are required to be an iOS Developer are:


It is a programming language created specifically for developing their apps. This is the language of all the future development for iOS. Experts although have acknowledged it’s not a small language but you don’t have to know everything for a junior position. You just need to be comfortable with:

The options, basic syntax, Control flow, Classes, initialization and inheritance, Objective-C interoperability and error handling.

Spatial Reasoning

It is critical for successful app developers to have the ability to think in 3-D and visualize special relations between the objects is essential for successful app developers. When your design interfaces for devices like iPhone, AppleWatch or New Apple TV, you must be familiar with how users will interact with your app. You need to understand the type of inputs/controls available which are popular for the different platforms, and you also need to be a user of the devices you are targeting, to reason about them. Some people may naturally evidence this feeling; it can also be mastered with practice and through building some real projects.

Design Guidelines

Successful iOS apps are admired and known for being supremely intuitive. The reason is that these apps adhere to a set of designed guidelines. The data which is stored and displayed to the users is handled in a particular way. If you want to build your own intuitive apps, it’s essential to understand and know about these design patterns. If you aspire to become an iOS developer, you will learn critical things like:

  • Notifications: Another familiar way of passing information. (one sender, multiple receivers)
  • MVC: Model View Controller, It is the cornerstone of any iOS or OSX app. It defines how the data is stored and presented to the user, and how it is updated in response to user interactions.
  • Delegate Pattern: It is also a general way of passing information among objects in Cocoa. One sender, One receiver.
  • Git and Github: Effective use of version control is also an important and useful skill for any developer. Working with teams is essential.

iOS developer is a great career choice, mastering the above should be part of the plan if one wants to become an iOS developer.

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